Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A New Musical

By Nate Sloan ‘09

Directed by Lowry Marshall
Musically Directed by Andy Hertz


Friday, September 11th; 2:00-5:00PM & 7:00-11:00PM
Saturday, September 12th; 1:00PM-4:30PM
in Stuart Theatre

Staggered callbacks to be scheduled Saturday night between 6:30 and 9:30PM.

Auditions will be held in small groups. NO PREPARATION NECESSARY! We will teach you everything you need to know, right from the show! If you want to prepare a song, you’re encouraged to do so. Please bring your music! Scripts and music from the show will be available in the Becker Library before classes begin.

Sign up for an audition group outside of the Becker Library before auditions!

A note for a cappella members: Friday and Saturday are big days for a cappella groups, so plan accordingly. If you want to audition and attend a callback, please inform your group now that you may need to leave for a period of time in the blocks above! We will work with you to schedule a convenient time.

A note from Lowry and Andy for Tartuffe cast members who sing: You are strongly encouraged to audition! There is insignificant overlap between the final weeks of Tartuffe and the beginning of the Leavittsburg process, and we will create a schedule that works for you! Please support musical theatre at Brown and come out to audition for this remarkable new work!


JANE, a student at an East Coast college, originally from Leavittsburg
JAKE, Jane's boyfriend, a student at the same college, originally from New York City
FRANK, Jane's father, a landscaper in Leavittsburg
BEN, Jane's younger brother, a freshman in high school
MS. BRIGHTON, Jane's high school English teacher
COREY, Jane’s old boyfriend and Frank’s employee
EVELYN ELLIS, Jane's friend from high school, mother of infant Todd, Jr.
"BIG" TODD ELLIS, Evelyn's husband, an Army private overseas
MARLA, BETTY and GINGER, elderly ladies in the local Rotary Club
AL, ROD and CARL, their husbands
MELISSA, SANDY, BETHANY, seniors in high school
CONNIE, a bartender
MATT, KEV, and LEROY, Corey's friends


Sendspace to a draft of the script: http://www.sendspace.com/file/25ullc

Note: The script is still under revision and portions may change. This is the excitement of new work!!



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