Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Hands Are Sore From Praying

Come join the Rites and Reason Theatre for their first Spring 2010 production.

Written by a Jamaican born and raised in the United States (Janine Heath '10), Our Hands Are Sore From Praying is an analysis of the cultural and historical power structures that affect the lives of Jamaicans in the United States and of those who remain in Jamaica. "Hands" is an immigrants tale about about how easy it is to loose your roots and how difficult it can be to reclaim them. It tells the story of one man ruined by forces beyond his control, and another attempting to redeem his people.

Rites and Reason Theatre, 155 Angell Street

Thursday - Saturday: Doors open @ 6:30, Play begins @ 7pm
Sunday: Doors open @ 2:30, Play begins @ 3pm
**Folkthought immediately after performance**

For information and reservations, please call (401) 863-3558.
Suggested Door Donation: $10

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