Thursday, April 22, 2010

Freedom Train Productions is hiring!

Managing Producer (Consultant)

Freedom Train Productions, a black queer theatre company, seeks a highly motivated and independent arts professional with a background in theatre management. This is a part time consultant position beginning in Spring 2010 with an option to stay on permanently dependent on funding.

The Managing Producer will:
* Develop a three-year development and relationship building strategy for special events fundraising and individual, institutional, and government giving;
* Work with the artistic team to identify and support the theatre's response to immediate public and private giving opportunities;
* Work with the artistic team to design a public theatre training series and related earned income revenue strategy; and
* Assess the artistic and management theatre model that the theatre has built over its first three years and provide consultation toward opportunities moving forward.
This position, funded through our Stonewall Community Foundation award, is a great opportunity for a rising arts leader to play a crucial role in the growth of an emerging theatre.

Women, transgender, and people of color candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. For more information and to apply please visit:

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